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January 25, 2019

At Crown Dental Group our National City dentist can treat your dental decay and cavities in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. It's important to take care of teeth because plaque and tartar, cavities and tooth decay can result in tooth decay, missing teeth and more expensive dental bills later on. Our office specializes in all aspects of dentistry, including root canal, fillings, implants and more.

We know that not everyone has dental insurance, and that it isn't easy for patients to come up with finances to pay for their dental care. That's why we offer patients a variety of different payment plans so that they can get the care they need. Our affordable cosmetic dentistry is designed with our patients in mind. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that consists of annual exams as well as annual cleanings. If gum disease is present, the patient may need to come in for more than one cleaning per year. Our National City dentist can tell you more about our services and how they work.

Gum disease is a serious condition that afflicts many Americans each year. We use only the latest in technology and equipment, because we know how crucial it is to reverse gum disease at the beginning. This allows us to stop the progression of receding gums from further deterioration. Gum disease can form when bacteria and plaque form tartar on the teeth and in the gums. Patients can view services, make appointments and find out directions all on our website. For more information on affordable dental care, please give us a call today. Our offices are open Monday through Saturday. On Saturdays we’re open from 8-5pm to accommodate our patients. For directions to our offices, simply go to our website and type in your zip code for immediate and easy directions to our offices.

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