Chula Vista Family Dentist

December 31, 2018

Dental Care for All Ages in Chula Vista

Many of the fundamentals of excellent oral care apply across the board, regardless of how young or how mature you are. Here at Crown Dental Group, we offer our services to those of all ages, from toddlers up to great grandparents. No patient is ever judged here based on the year they were born. Instead, it is our priority to treat each and every one of our valued patients like the unique individuals they are. So count on focused, gentle care for you and for everyone in your household.

One thing that is true for everyone, regardless of age, is that it feels fantastic when you have strong, cavity-free teeth and vibrant, healthy gums. A big part of making that a reality is to come in for a complete oral exam, periodic x-rays, and a teeth cleaning two times per year. Our Chula Vista family dentist will detect the presence of any cavities early enough to make sure that you are not at increased risk of an infection or the loss of a tooth. For kids, cavities may require a bit more attention. It's also important for our Chula Vista family dentist to keep his or her baby teeth in good condition so that they will fall out on their natural schedule, and thereby make room for the eruption of adult teeth soon enough. Many of our essential services apply to any age group, such as restorations, root canals, orthodontic treatment, and periodontal care. Being patient and gentle is a goal for our entire staff, and our office makes use of modern technologies to provide a more efficient and comfortable experience.

Use the “request an appointment” button on our website or simply call us to arrange a time for you, your child, or another relative to come in and see our Chula Vista family dentist.

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