91950 Dental Implants

July 19, 2017

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91950 Dental Implants

At Crown Dental Group we offer teeth replacement options and cosmetic and general dentistry as well as 91950 dental implants. Thanks to strides in dental technology, implants can help to replace missing teeth and reverse tooth loss. Missing teeth can cause deformations in the jaw, because jawbone is reabsorbed into the surrounding structure.

During your consultation for 91950 dental implants we’ll first check your teeth to see if you’re a candidate for the implants. Some people may lack the proper amount of bone or gum in order to place the implant. The implants are placed directly into the jawbone, and if there is not sufficient bone and gum in order to fit them in, a bone graft may be recommended. A bone graft takes bone from either the patient or a donor and fuses it to the patient’s jawbone. The process is known as a biocompatible process, in which the bone fuses to the new graft. After the graft, the new bone that is formed provides sufficient bone to place the implant. A healing period is given for the graft to heal first before placing the implant and subsequent crown over it.

Our dental procedures and 91950 dental implants are all offered at various pricing so that we can help budget for your dental procedure. We’ll make sure we find a plan for you that works and one that fits your own individual needs and budget. For more information, call one of our friendly staff to find out more implants and how they can help you today. Implants are perfect for those who are missing only one or two teeth, because it can give them a full set of teeth once again. They are able to chew, eat and smile much easier. Implants are affordable and painless once they are placed in the mouth.

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