Dentist in National City

June 27, 2017

Toothache in National City

Dentist in National City

If you are having a toothache, you will want to come in to see us at Crown Dental Group. When you come to our dental practice, you will be seen an expert dentist in National City, just one of whom is Dr. Douglas Ness.

When you come to our office to see our dentist in National City with a toothache, our dentist will assess the cause of the pain, and provide you with appropriate treatment. When you have a toothache, you generally have pain around the tooth, teeth, or jaws. Toothaches are usually caused by dental problems which can include a dental cavity, a cracked tooth, and exposed tooth root, or gum disease. TMJ problems or spasms of the muscles used for chewing can also cause symptoms that mimic toothaches. If an infected or impacted wisdom tooth is causing your toothache problem, we can extract the tooth at our dental practice. Or, if your tooth has infected or damaged pulp, but our dentist determines that the tooth cannot be saved with a root canal procedure, a tooth extraction can be provided, as well. Due to our use of modern dental anesthesia, tooth extractions are performed while our patients are able to remain comfortable in our dentist’s chair. Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted because there is simply no room for them in the patient’s mouth; this is because wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt. If you have impacted wisdom teeth you will be extremely uncomfortable, there will be inflammation around the tooth, and there will be some type of infection. Since wisdom teeth are not needed for a patient to properly chew or speak, they do not need to be replaced once they are extracted.

For an appointment to see our dentist in National City on an immediate basis, contact us at our office and let our staff know that you have a toothache problem.

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